Yoga Consultation

First Week

Learn how Integral Yoga Therapy can help you!


Yoga is often a confusing term seen by many people as something for gymnasts alone – however, few realise that it is an ancient system of health-maintenance to:

  • maintain health through living in harmony with nature and our own natural biology
  • maintain health and prevent diseases through proper intake of psychological impressions, proper dietary regimes and living in harmony with our seasons, climate changes etc.
  • how to maintain proper living through various simple holistic techniques, tenets and ethical practices that impact our psyche in a positive manner
  • maintain our physical and psychological health and well-being through the above

The noted psychologist Carl Jung noted that ancient systems in India and China that included yoga were made important psychological discoveries and had many techniques and a deeper understanding of the human psyche than modern psychology:

We Europeans are not the only people on earth. We are just a peninsular of Asia, and on that continent there are old civilizations where people have trained their minds in introspective psychology for thousands of years, whereas we began with our our psychology not even yesterday but only this morning.

(C.G. Jung: Analytical Psychology: Its Theory and Practice (The Travistock Lectures), p.74)

Yoga is hence not simply about physical flexibility, but flexibility of the mind as a complete system of psychology itself and includes systems such as:

  • Marma or pressure-point therapies to maintain good health and also heal diseases
  • Examining the chakras in the body relative to our psychological well-being and states, as well as healing relative to these
  • Tantra or various mental and physical practices for our biological, psychological and spiritual well-being and understanding the importance of psycho-somatic disorders
  • Various shabda (sound), aroma, colour/visual, breathing and other therapies for health and well-being

In our Yoga Therapy Consultation, you will learn life-long lessons such as:

  • What yoga therapies are best for you personally, given your unique biology and psychology, assigned at birth
  • What yoga type and practices are best for you, as well as dietary considerations
  • Acupressure therapies (where required)
  • Your unique yogic psychological type
  • How to adjust working in harmony with nature and the seasons
  • Useful herbs/spices and natural health formulas/supplements for health and well-being (where required)