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Classically, Ayurveda has aimed at wellness and looked at many disorders that correlate to modern ailments from cold and flu to Cancer, IBS, Asthma and Diabetes and has given various recommendations relative to our body’s potential to improve our wellness through preventative measures as working with seasonal changes, yoga, diet – and the herbal gifts of nature!

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Ayurvedic Consultation

Whether you have diseases, are practising Yoga, or have general health and lifestyle concerns, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, either in person or Online, can help you with these issues.

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Integral Wellness Consultation

The Integral Well-Being Program is a complete assessment program detailing all aspects of your life and allows up to 1.5 hours to go over materials and assessments (astrological chart and remedial measures will be performed outside of this time, prior to date of consultation and will be explained by Durgadas during this time).

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Yoga Consultation

A wonderful way to find out some health tips and Yoga techniques suited to your biological Ayurvedic type, as well as lifestyle and dietary advice.

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Vedic Astrology Reading

Find out how the planets, their cycles and transits can influence your life and also some karmic patterns that can create some health problems, life issues, planetary transits, birth star and more, and how to overcome them.


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