Mantra Chikitsa: Mantric Therapy

Mantras are ancient sound-formulas that alter frequencies of the mind and body. A slight change in the intonation or pronunciation can make huge differences relative to a person’s health and well-being.

-Help Heal Your Psyche

-Help Deal with the Karmic (Root) Cause of Disorders

-Help Heal Spiritual Disorders

-Feel More Positive, Clear and Energetic

Often people practicing yoga techniques do so incorrectly, and others can absorb negative energies (due to unsuitable sounds, incomplete techniques etc.) through the plethora of Reiki practitioners, chakra-balancing therapies and others that have been appropriated from the Yogic-Vedic traditions without their original Ayurvedic and Yogic concerns. As a result, short-term positive, but longer-term negative effects, including that of karma and kundalini disorders (relative to the chakras as psychological states) can occur.

Mantra Therapy helps with this when given to the recipient, along with certain breathing techniques during treatment, which help rectify these disorders, once diagnosed according to the vast knowledge of Ayurvedic Yogic knowledge beyond the scope of other New-Age systems today. It also understands the specific karmas of the individual and what specific therapies are best suited for them.

The Ayurvedic Mantra Therapy follows our “Ayurvedic Initial Consultation and is tailored specifically as per your body, rhythms and issues as well as working at the deeper level of the marmas or the pressure-points in the body for healing.

This ancient form of healing has been passed down to Durgadas for several generations of practitioners.

Therapy takes around 30 mins on various areas affected.

Price: $75.00 incl. GST