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Ayurvedic Health Tips for Summer:

  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid getting dehydrated
  • Aloe Gel is useful for placing on the skin for sunburns
  • Aloe Vera juice is also great in summer for helping cool the body and counter inflammation
  • Coconut juice and milk are great for cooling the body down as refreshing drinks, and also help cleanse the urinary system
  • Start using oils such as ghee and coconut oil for cooking
  • Salads can be used this time of year (but, please look at your respective dietary guidelines)
  • Go for cold walks with a breeze during hot weather. This help palliate the adverse effects of the days’s summer heat
  • Do cooling yoga breathing practices as taught in our consultations (refer to your guidelines given)


Yes – we know it’s often difficult for people to manage their finances after the holiday period, and so we’ve made it even easier! If you or your friends, family and colleagues wish to book, we are extending our discount until the end of February 2019.

Your health is important – and this way, both you and your pocket can remain so!

Note our latest video that discusses Traditional Spiritual Ayurveda vs Modern BAMS (and New-Age) Ayurveda and that practiced by many in the West.

It reflects our mission to bring Integral Ayurveda to the West:


Agni Rahasya: New Hardcover Edition


This book now has a new hardcover edition for collectors and book-lovers! The book is also endorsed by AAPNA, one the the world’s largest bodies of Ayurvedic Standards and Practitioners.

The new review by Manticore Press can also be read here.

New Academy Location in the USA!
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Our Academy of Traditional Ayurveda has now a new branch in Austin, TX to represent and better serve our North American students. This new launch will provide a more ‘hands on’ approach to our students, in addition to our new Ayurveda and Yoga courses.

We now have two levels of (basic) online training in Ayurveda:

200 Hour Spiritual Ayurvedic Counsellor
300 Hour Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

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