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At Arogya Ayurvedic Health Ltd, Durgadas’s approach to Ayurveda is unique, in that it encompasses a Traditional Ayurveda approach that one finds in India and in classical Ayurveda texts, not the distortions by American Ayurveda or ‘New Age Ayurveda’, which deviates from Tradition.

As a Hindu in a Vedic lineage, Durgadas has grown up around tradition and seeks to also retain it. As such, this article expresses his views regarding comparisons between Traditional and New Age Ayurveda.

Spiritual Ayurveda forms a part of the Integral Ayurveda and has been a part of Ayurvedic Healing since the oldest texts – the Vedas.

Yoga itself is largely a Psychological system aimed at transforming the consciousness beyond the mind and ego and into the higher Atman or Self and of that, its union with the Paramatman or Supreme Soul – if we like, Supreme Consciousness or what Buddha termed as sunyata or void, non-entity. In Hinduism, this is known as the state or Nirguna – devoid of all material qualities.

In Traditional Yoga, one was first required to learn to work with the Rishi or Seer of the mantras or Yoga practices before attaining the grace of the Deity of the mantra or Yoga practices and seeking their grace. The same was for meditations also which were applied and given only after years of the aspiring Yogi being able to calm his mind – something that cannot be done by Western teachers with little training in Traditional Yoga outside Hinduism, nor in a mass classroom without proper sadhana or spiritual discipline!

Agni Rahasya

Agni Rahasya

The Secret of the Celestial Fire in Yoga and Ayurveda

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Keeping on Track with Ayurveda

We have many of our own publications by Durgadas that are read by the general public and Ayurvedic Practitioners alike. We encourage our clients to also purchase these titles so that they can understand Ayurveda deeply and also share Durgadas’ passion, along with their Ayurvedic journey to health with him.

Traditional Yoga

Traditional Yoga

Insights into the Original Yoga Tradition, Book 1: The Original Yoga System