Ayurvedic Psychology Consultation

Ayurvedic Psychology Consultation

See your mind through Ayurveda’s (ancient Indian medicine) classical wisdom!

The noted psychologist Carl Jung – Sigmund Freud’s protege, noted that ancient systems in India and China that included yoga were made important psychological discoveries and had many techniques and a deeper understanding of the human psyche than modern psychology:

We Europeans are not the only people on earth. We are just a peninsular of Asia, and on that continent there are old civilizations where people have trained their minds in introspective psychology for thousands of years, whereas we began with our our psychology not even yesterday but only this morning.”
(C.G. Jung: Analytical Psychology: Its Theory and Practice (The Travistock Lectures), p.74)

  • Understand the drugless approach of India’s ancient medical system of Yoga medicine and it’s deep understanding of psychology
  • Discover classical Ayurveda’s tools for reducing everyday stress, depression, psychological unrest and anxiety in your life through adapting your food habits and cooking, taking simple and effective herbs and remedies, yogic methods, colour therapies and more!
  • Discover how foods can alter your mental state and well-being and balancing the mind
  • Learn important, yet simple techniques to clear your subconscious thoughts
  • Understand how your mind functions according to external impressions
  • Gain knowledge of breathing techniques, herbs, colour, aroma therapies etc. for your mind

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system behind Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medicine that also influenced Hippocratic medicine in ancient Greece, has a long history of studying the mind and psychological disorders, as also does Yoga. These systems assess not only genetic conditions, but also deeper karmic aspects behind them (for which case it brings in astrology) and various levels of the mind, mental metabolism and also how our biological constitution can affect these as also external factors. Here, Ayurveda looks at dietary, lifestyle and yogic therapies as breathing techniques and mantra, in addition to clinical therapies, herbs and specific herbal combinations for the mind and certain disorders as schizophrenia, anxiety, insomnia, depression, anger, alcoholism etc. that classical Ayurveda recommends.

Ayurveda sees genetic conditions as a result of such being passed on down in the genes as in allopathic medicine, however adds a reason why – our personal karma and actions we have done in past lives (or earlier in this life), which has caused us to be born with a more difficult condition to deal with than purely a result of lifestyle choices etc. (hence why congenital disorders are more difficult to treat). These can often require performing actions to nullify the negative actions or our past and reducing negative impressions that can fuel the condition (which is also recognised in western techniques).

Learn more about the deeper biological, dietary and also karmic reasons for your psychological condition and how to effectively begin to treat them with Ayurvedic formulas for various ailments, which sometimes include certain minerals and specific herbal formulas in addition to other methods. This consultation covers all aspects of your biology, any diseases or issues behind your current state as also your psychological profile and disorders, as also treatment, dietary, yogic, herbal and other therapies required to treat them according to traditional Ayurveda.

Modern Yoga regimes are also more chiropractic and can often tend to cause psychological issues due to wrong poses for people, their conditions, bad diets (raw and vegan doesn’t suit everyone!), as also even the specific effects of mantra.

This consultation will assess your mind’s functioning, personality type as per Ayurveda, biology and also other causative factors that may be behind your psychological state (karmic-genetic and biological) and how to best deal with these, covering all levels from spiritual, dietary, herbal, colour, visual, aroma therapy and other techniques.

Price: NZ $150.00 (incl. GST)
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*In Person in Christchurch, at our Northwood location
*Online via SKYPE anywhere in the world