Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation

Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition plays an important role in our life and we are all worried about the effects of foods, toxic chemicals etc. in our bodies at some time in our life. Now is the time to start looking at this seriously!

According to Ayurveda, each single food item, whether a specific meat, herb or type or salt or even honey or water (depending on its collection) has its own various effects on our psychology and biology due to its own unique taste (or combination thereof), qualities and post-metabolic effect as also its use in healing diseases according to such properties, which also examines the origin of these foods, herbs and meats or other substances which can make a difference to our overall health.

The use of one herb or formula also needs to be adjusted according to various factors, not simply taken generically – how one takes it is also specific to the individual. We are all unique!

According to Ayurveda, we all have different biological constitutions which are composed of elements at the deeper level, reflecting out sensitivities to various food items, the energetics of food such as how they are cooked, spiced etc. and what foods are best for us personally or aggravate us, in addition to our diseases, our age which plays a major factor, as also our geographical, seasonal and other environments that may cause issues and how to adjust our diets accordingly and what steps can be taken to avoid disease and simply constitutional issues – even coughs and colds!

This consultation also looks at the various chemical component of foods from western Naturopathic systems as well and unites the two, so people can understand the best nutrition for their current issues and also biology.

  • Learn the best food combinations 
  • Learn which foods are best for your Constitution
  • Understand which spices and herbs are best for you
  • Understand how to work with seasons
  • Learn which Vitamins and Minerals/Supplements are best for you
  • Understand how to manage your disorders through nutrition
  • Learn how certain foods may aggravate your disorders, whilst others can promote healing

In this important consultation, you will learn which foods and techniques are right for your biology, psychology and also disease, which can be followed-up and fine-tuned in the following consultations after one week to track your progress.

Here, you are not alone and will be guided through these steps, as well as discovering new herbs, spices and different dietary regimes specific for you!


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