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Traditional and Spiritual Ayurveda

Traditional and Spiritual Ayurveda

Learn about Traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and more…

Traditional and Spiritual Ayurveda

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Learn what Ayurveda is, how it can help you, and more about our services

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Find our about our various Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology Services and Courses

Ayurveda Consult Process

Ayurveda can help with many issues from as simple as coughs and colds, to as complex as diabetes, digestive issues as IBS, cancer, rheumatic complaints and many more. Click below to learn more about conditions that can be helped naturally through Ayurveda.

Vedic Lifestyle Coaching

Vedic Lifestyle Coaching and Counselling is one of the world’s oldest techniques and one of the world’s fastest-growing systems that draws from the ancient metaphysical, medical and yogic psychology systems of India!

Integral Well-Being Program

Our signature Integral Well-Being Program is a complete assessment program detailing all aspects of your life and allows up to 1.5 hours to go over materials and assessments (astrological chart and remedial measures will be performed outside of this time, prior to date of consultation and will be explained by Durgadas during this time).

Vedic (Hindu) Astrology Readings

Find out how the planets, their cycles and transits can influence your life and also some karmic patterns that can create some health problems, life issues, planetary transits, birth star and more, and how to overcome them.

Integral Yoga Consultation

Yoga is often a confusing term seen by many people as something for gymnasts alone – however, few realise that it is an ancient system of health-maintenance to maintain health through living in harmony with nature and our own natural biology

Courses and Training

Our aim is to provide authentic and traditional Ayurveda, true to the ancient Gurukula system of ancient India

Ayurvedic Solutions

Books by Durgadas

Durgadas (“Rodney”) Lingham (Dip. P.Psych,Dip.Nat, AMPKT, CAYT, ALC, CL. AYU. ) is a traditionally trained practitioner in all aspects of Ayurveda in the Ashtavaidya system of Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala, India and is also a student of Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) – one of the world’s noted authorities on Ayurveda.

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